About Customers’ Club

 In recent years, competition over attracting and maintaining customers has led to the development of relational marketing strategies. Developing companies are considered as a combination of relational marketing strategies for attracting and maintaining profitable customers. Customer’s club is one of these tools. According to the concept of relational marketing, attracting new customer is not concentrated; rather, it is emphasized on broadening relationship with current customers. Recently, companies have focused on relational marketing which is considered as a starting point in order to set up customers-oriented clubs.

Customer club is defined as a unit which can bond relationship with individuals or organizations. Broadly speaking, customer club operates as an organization which is set up for establishing relationship among members both directly and regularly.


Activating and enabling customers and increasing their loyalty by creating an emotional relationship with them is the main objective of customer club.

This subject has been fully accepted in marketing literature, so that long- term customers are more profitable as compared with temporary customers. In general, current customers are more emphasized rather than new customers in customer club. It should be noted that customer clubs are established based on this logic.

The more customer clubs are advertised vastly, the more they will be accepted. Customer club at any economic enterprises is tasked with offering equal rewards to purchasers or buyers of products without consideration any differentiation among them. Customer club also is tasked with offering equal rewards and bonuses even for disloyal purchasers. Broadly speaking, customer clubs can be viewed as one of relational marketing activities.

At the first glance, relational marketing is viewed as a tool for retaining and maintaining customers.

Accordingly, ANSAR Brokerage Company has embarked on setting up customer club in order to increasing loyalty of customers and also establishing newer chances and opportunities. Members of Customer Club of ANSAR Brokerage Company will be witnessed salient advantages in the very near future. In other words, customer Club of ANSAR Brokerage Company will offer new services to its members.


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