ARMAN ANSAR Exclusive Portfolio Investment Fund

According to the instruction of portfolio and marketing activity at Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), portfolio is the activity which is carried out with the following objectives:

  • Regulating supply and demand,
  • Restricting domain of price fluctuation,
  •  Increasing liquidity of bonds and securities

Marketers and portfolio activists are considered as very important and significant concepts in this Fund. Marketer or portfolio activist is an expert individual who embark on carrying out activities related to certain bonds and securities as licensed by Securities and Exchange Org. (SEO).  

Keeping stocks in a balanced level is the main task of portfolio activist, so that expert individual at the capital market should always maintain stocks in an equilibrium level. Moreover, capital market activist removes long queue of stock transaction and propels stock price towards its real and nominal value.

Given the above issue, ARMAN ANSAR Exclusive Investment Fund is established by ANSAR Bank with the aim of portfolio of stocks of the bank. Moreover increasing liquidity of stocks of the bank, portfolio of stocks will increase trust of investors to these stocks.

Transparency in performance of portfolio operation is one of the other salient advantages of commissioning this Fund as compared with other indirect portfolio of stocks both in terms of profit and loss and also reporting aspect.

Investment Fund in Bonds and Securities with OMID ANSAR Fixed Income

OMID ANSAR Investment Fund with fixed income is considered as modern tools of Iran’s capital market. As licensed by Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO), these funds are considered as clear-cut example of investment funds subject of Clause 20 of Article 1 of Stock Market Law and also Clause 5 of Article 1 of new Financial Institutions and Tool Development Law. According to Article 2 of new Financial Institutions and Tool Development Law, these funds are registered by State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties. In addition, these funds are monitored and supervised by Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) based on rules and regulations of article of association and OMIDNAMEH (Letter of Hope).

 Collecting and accumulating capital from investors and also setting up a portfolio of assets with fixed income and also managing this portfolio are considered as the main objective of the Fund. As a product which financial institutions and real investors can control and manage stocks and investment units of stock funds, commissioning funds with risk- free efficiency is regarded as the most important objectives of this Fund. Moreover, considering the possible reduction of interest rate in future, making investment in bonds and securities with fixed return can be considered as an attractive option for the groups with less risking degree in comparison with future rates.

Salient Advantages of Investment at Fund

Hereunder are regarded as salient advantages of making investment at the Fund:

  • Prediction of minimum interest (22%) as daily count and monthly payment of the interest,
  • Easily liquidity at each of branch office of ANSAR Bank at any time desired,
  • Issuance of investment certificate (exempt- free) special of investors,
  • Risk- free with suitable and appropriate efficiency,
  • Accountability with vast responsibility in all branch offices of ANSAR Bank
  • Removal of any commission on issuance and cancelling at the Fund

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