Portfolio Management

ANSAR Brokerage Company received license of portfolio management from Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) on June 12, 2010. In exclusive portfolio management, a contract is concluded between customers as investor (real or legal entity) and ANSAR Brokerage Company as portfolio manager, observing requirements of standards as defined by SEO. Then, this contract is sent to Securities and Exchange Organization for approval. In this contract, all assets of investor [including bonds, securities or cash fund, etc.] are provided available to portfolio manager as investor’s exclusive portfolio. In this contract, investor informs and announces his or her restrictions to portfolio manager. Under such circumstances, an auditing company, as trusted and licensed by SEO, undertakes the role of responsible body on behalf of portfolio manager.

Salient Advantages of Exclusive Portfolio Management:

  • Designing a diversified and different set of assets by specialized group and analysts at Counseling and Portfolio Management Unit of ANSAR Brokerage Company,
  • Balancing investment return and risk in structure of portfolio,
  • Transacting stocks professionally using technical analysis, analyzing market and assessing investment terms and conditions
  • Submitting alternative reports (periodical and monthly) on performance and activities of portfolio of stocks
Presently, ANSAR Brokerage Company has received exclusive portfolio licenses from ANSAR BANK with the aim of taking a giant stride in this field with managing assets of ANSAR BANK at the capital market

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